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            Nanchang Wang building automation equipment summary (original equipment Nanchang Hongdu buildings Limited), since 1988 has been dedicated to research and development buildings automatically

            Equipment, facilities, it assembled a strong technical force, the other core groups by the Hongdu Aviation has a wealth of experience of the engineers,

            Leading design concept, the level of specificity, and use aviation technology to create a brand WANG'S austenite steel, steel and aluminium structure of manual, automatic;

            Two wings; three wings; four-wing revolving door, and the development of the domestic use of advanced remote management WANG'S Worth brand smooth automatic doors.

            Extension is a source of design, manufacture, installation as one of the industrial entities, which built the first major domestic typical electric smoothing doors (Jiangxin

            International Building), the arc of automatic doors, and use of domestic and foreign advanced technology, world industrial use, electronic gifts with the actual situation in manufacturing

            The price of the most affordable products, it will "best quality service to the credibility first," the concept of enthusiasm in close cooperation with the various merchants to create Bright future.

            版權所有 南昌王氏樓宇自動化裝備總匯 地址:南昌市沿江南路539號江西省裝璜建材大市場22棟8號 創意制作 遠景科技

            業務聯系電話:0791-6419015 手機:13807054133 2995416 聯系人:吁珉 傳真:0791-6403038 Email:hdzdm@hdzdm.com